People enjoying a noght of star gazing. Source: wikipedia, Halfblue.
Quick guide to stargazing

Imagine going for a romantic walk with the object of your affection. Wouldn’t it be even more romantic (and impressive) if you could point to the sky and name some constellations? We made a quick guide to stargazing for you, to impress everyone you meet...

Live Music!
Experience music for free in Amsterdam

Feeling jazzy on a Tuesday evening? Or classy on a Wednesday afternoon? But you’re flat broke? No worries, Amsterdam has several regular live music sessions on offer for free! Going out to enjoy music doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to go. Live...

XENON1T: the water tank with the detector in the middle and 3 floors with the auxiliary systems.
XENON1T: the next generation dark matter detector

On the 11th of the 11th, while kids in the Netherlands were swarming the streets with their lanterns, singing songs for candy (the Dutch Halloween), somewhere deep down in a mountain in Italy another party was taking place. The occasion was the inauguration of XENON1T,...

March for the climate (November 29)

All sustainable, recycling and tree loving people unite! On 29 November there will be a climate march in the city centre of Amsterdam: “de klimaatparade”. This march is related to this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, which is held from 30 November...

The radio astronomy observatory in Westerbork (WSRT)
Astronomy in the rain

It’s a beautiful summer night, the sky is clear and gazing at the firmament, you see billons of stars. Astronomers study these miracles of nature using telescopes, but what do they do when clouds hide the miraculous lights in the sky? If only there was...

Herfstbok beer in Autumn Amsterdam

It’s autumn: rain, wind, short days, no sunlight… But, fortunately there is Herfstbok! So find one of the cafés selling this seasonal beer and watch the rain slap against the windows. Enjoy it when you leave the faculty at 4 o’clock and it’s already dark...

IJscuypje on a sunny afternoon
Amsterdam’s best ice cream spots

The sun is shining, the temperatures are finally acceptable and it is too late to try to get that bikini body you wanted. So it is time for some ice cream! Amsterdam has a lot of places where you can eat some delicious gelato. I...

In the red circles: HiSparc detectors on Nikhef building, by Dorine
HiSPARC: Studying Cosmic Rays in High School

Ever wondered about those mysterious roof boxes on top of the Nikhef building, across the street from Science Park’s main building? As you may know, it rarely snows in Amsterdam, so it is not where the scientists keep their skis. So what do these boxes...

Science/Mathematics arm tattoo of Euler’s identity and Science/Biology chest tattoo of a microtubule, both in black ink
Science tattoos at our faculty 1

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” – Johnny Depp. To some people tattoos are not just their story, but stories of life, the universe or even mathematics. For science journalist Carl Zimmer the inspiration for his book “Science Ink: Tattoos of the...

Is the faculty of science crutches and wheelchair friendly?
On crutches & wheelchairs around the faculty

After a horrible accident that happened during an extreme sport, I fractured my ankle (or maybe I just missed the last step walking down the stairs…). This resulted in at least four weeks of hobbling around on crutches. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to...

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