Assembling the plant-shaped coral garden statue above water
Saving the beautiful coral reefs of Koh Tao

Coral reefs are under threat worldwide, and protecting and restoring coral reefs is of great importance. This is why CoralGardening was set up, an organisation I'm involved with. They want to protect and restore coral reefs, because a healthy coral reef contributes to biodiversity and...

Bachelor’s thesis: your first real research

After 2.5 years of hard work you finally get a chance to find out what it’s like to be a real scientist! All the hours of lectures, field work, lab work and studying have prepared you for your own little research. Pick the right Bachelor’s...

This is how you see the lab through the window in Micropia
Micropia: making the invisible visible

The science of the invisible This year the first microbiology museum in the world has opened its doors here in Amsterdam. Micropia is part the famous Artis zoo and is situated right next it. It was about time a museum was dedicated to the largest part...

Bridging the post graduate gap

A gap year after your studies, is that good for anything? Absolutely. Although there is a lot of information about taking a gap year between secondary school and your Bachelor’s, the opposite is true for a gap year between your Bachelor’s and your Master’s, or...

Boxfish-shaped coral nursery
Saving the planet with science: coral nurseries

There’s nothing better than a story where in science plays the superhero, right? This is definitely one of those stories: In Bali, severely damaged coral reefs are being rebuilt with electrolysis-generated coral nurseries. How cool is that? And you can even adopt a baby coral...

A David Attenborough documentary, a drink and some snacks: what more do you need?
8 documentaries every biology lover should see

Are you interested in the wonderful field of biology? Then sit back, relax and (binge) watch these beautiful and intriguing nature documentaries. They might even inspire you to study biology in the future – or, if you’re already a biology student (like me), remind you...

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