Enjoy the food!=D Photo: Lieve Oudejans
This summer is BBQ summer!

The weather is great, friends are abundant and meat is good so why not go for a BBQ this weekend? Close by the faculty are some parks where BBQ-ing is allowed: Flevopark and Oosterpark (and of course Vondelpark but that’s a bit longer bike ride)....

11 tips to survive your fieldtrips!

For everyone who has not been on a fieldtrip yet, I can tell you, it is an awesome experience. It is great on the scientific part as well as on the bonding experience you will feel towards your friends. During the day, you will need...

In may lay all the birds their eggs

Can I lose my egg with you guys? I would love to talk about the art of laying eggs and providing for chicks. Especially the latter is of great importance this time of year. My own chicks It is quite easy to take care of a bunch...

Stay positive, go Strawberry Earth Fair!!

This weekend is the Strawberry Earth Fair in Amsterdam. Their mission is to inspire you to make social, green and ridiculously nice choices! Why? Because they (and we) believe you can have a positive impact on the world with every choice you make. Big and...

Your future cravings in a basket
Train your brain to choose fruits over fries

Do you have difficulty picking healthy fruits and vegetables over cookies, chips and chocolate? Well, you’re obviously not alone! But now a study shows that you might be able to ‘train’ your brain to pick healthy food over junk food. Sounds good, right?   Pilot study: making...

Hortus Botanicus for students
Top 5 (almost) free activities in Amsterdam

As a student you probably don’t have much money, but you do have some free time. Amsterdam – one of the best cities in the world – is an amazing place to spend that time, even on a shoestring budget! Here are 5 great Amsterdam...

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