Million-dollar math problems

In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute noted seven fundamental math problems that were still unsolved at that time (the Millenium Problems). If a proof for one of these problems could be given, the researcher would be awarded a million (US) dollars. Easy money right?! A bit...

homeless student
Student adventures: the hunt for housing

Searching for student accommodation is nothing different from trying to get a ticket for a Muse concert. Almost impossible. Thousands of people want one, but only hundreds of tickets are for sale. So you have to be quick! And smart. There simply isn’t enough In the Netherlands accommodation...

instant noodles
Student adventures: the hunt for cheap food

Food, one of the best things in life, but at the same time a struggle for students. Too bad that eating is necessary to survive, otherwise we would have a lot more money to spend. So how can you keep the costs low, while still...

Bevrijdingspop ’15

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem, 05-05-2015. Almost everyone in Haarlem is gathered at Haarlemmerhout, the public park where Bevrijdingspop takes place: the annual festival to celebrate Liberation Day.  What started as a beautiful day soon became a nightmare for every festival attendee. The sun was suddenly nowhere to...

Image: Melanie Caitlin via

Liberation Day on the 5th of May is always an exciting day: on this national holiday all kinds of activities are being held throughout the country. Most people  can be found on their first festival of the year, like Bevrijdingspop, which attracts about 150.000 visitors...

electrode stimulation sleeve
Has the cure for paralysis been found?

For the first time ever a man was able to move his paralyzed hand with his own mind. No robotic arms were needed: Neurobridge, a bypass that enables the brain to communicate with muscles, helped him move his hand and fingers. Moving your hand for the...

Does smoking marijuana kill bees? – spurious correlations in statistics

Hooray, it’s World Statistics Day! Statistics is one of your favourite subjects, right..? Nah, just kidding. Statistics are boring, nevertheless very important. And often very misleading! Spurious correlations: correlation does not equal causation When 2 variables show a correlation without there being any causal connection, we call...

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