Job board - source: Andrew Leyden on Flickr
The UvA Job board and some golden job application tips

The days when academically schooled students were recruited straight out of their lecture halls are mostly over. Nowadays most of us have to actually put in an effort to find a nice and fun job that isn't an unpaid internship at some cool but financially...

Google for students: a list of my favourite services

Do you remember the days before the Google era? Probably not, most students have never even used an offline encyclopedia to research essay's and papers. But Google offers us students so much more! In this post, I'll take you on a virtual journey through some of Google's...

The transplantation of (gummybear)-heads. Source: Fungus Amungus/Instructables
Which head would you like? On the transplantation of heads

Most of you will have read or heard of Shelley's Frankenstein. While the concept of Frankenstein makes for an excellent Halloween story, it can also make for some interesting insights in the dangers of science. A mad scientist interested in evolution and the human body...

How-to: Starting your new semester with a fresh PC

It's finally summer! All year you've been writing essays, programming applications and drawing intricate schematics for classes you didn't even know were part of your curriculum. In your hurry you probably saved files wherever was convenient for the moment, arguing with your inner-self that you...

How-To: Coffee and Printing with your UvA-card

[caption id="attachment_4537" align="alignnone" width="700"] You can raise your balance over at the UvA PinPoint consoles. Photo: T. Parmentier[/caption] Starting this year, all students and employees of the University of Amsterdam have to use their UvA-card to pay for coffee and prints. As the Chipknip is being...

The rise of computers through the Second World War

[caption id="attachment_4839" align="alignnone" width="700"] Version of Turing's Bombe codebreaking computer. Image: National Security Agency[/caption]   Festivities, carnivals and parties in the entire country. Yesterday we remembered and celebrated the end of the Second World War in the Netherlands, 5 May 1945. Perhaps you got a couple of...

TED came to Amsterdam!

Free inspirational lectures, everyone should be excited about that! Even more so when those talks are being presented and recorded in Amsterdam, with local scientists and celebrities talking about their passions and discoveries. Since a couple of years, many of these recordings took place, all...

Finding a criminal's identity on the internet.
Catching Criminals with Big Data

"Your honor, I plead not guilty.” This typical phrase can be heard in a native language daily all around the world. As the Universal Human Rights state, and those are normally accepted by democratic countries, suspects are innocent until proven otherwise. However, this does not...

Users can feel the population density by hovering their hand over a map
UltraHaptics: The future of Electronics

Do you ever miss the feeling of pressing real buttons on your old Nokia phone? When touchscreens started conquering the mobile world a decade ago, we lost this particular sensation. But recently, the solution was found. A great alternative based on the new technology called...

Our research neighbours: a great benefit for UvA science students
Exploring the Science Park campus

Wouldn’t you love being surrounded by prominent science research? To be part of that research with your own study projects and internships, to take classes from renowned real-world scientists, and to just revel in the feeling of full-on scienceness? Amsterdam Science Park (ASP) is here...

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