Behind the scenes: Faculty of Science

Everyday we’re working at the Faculty of Science. Drinking coffee from one of the coffee machines, reading the To-dah-Loo on the toilet, opening our books in the study area. Life is good here. The floors are neat and clean, the toilet seat has its original...

Architecture – Creating Science Park 904

Architecture is quite special. It’s almost like mathematics, where some people easily see the logic of a set of numbers, and others need more help finding it. In the same way some people just 'feel' architecture, while others - like myself - need more help...

XENON1T: the water tank with the detector in the middle and 3 floors with the auxiliary systems.
XENON1T: the next generation dark matter detector

On the 11th of the 11th, while kids in the Netherlands were swarming the streets with their lanterns, singing songs for candy (the Dutch Halloween), somewhere deep down in a mountain in Italy another party was taking place. The occasion was the inauguration of XENON1T,...

FSR workspace on a regular day.
Special report II: infiltrating the Faculty Student Council

In the first special report about the Faculty Student Council I explained where democratic student representation in the Faculty Board started and how it’s organised. This time we are going to dig deeper into the lives of our representatives. What do they do? Are these...

Special report I: What’s a faculty student council?

Last year, I was just a blogger on What The Faculty, now I am a member of the Faculty Student Council and a blogger on What The Faculty. It makes me feel like a double agent. A double agent infiltrating a group to provide vulnerable information to...

Finding the way at Science Park. Photo: Anneke ter Schure
Behind the scenes at Science Park Open Day

Amsterdam Science Park is not just home to the Faculty of Science, but also to several science institutes and companies. Research at Science Park ranges from nanolithography and sub-atomic physics to artificial intelligence. Usually the research facilities are off-limits to the general public which means they...

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva
BètaBreak: an update from the Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider has been working at almost full power since last April, after a vast renovation. The last time it was running, it gave us the missing piece of the Standard Model: the Higgs boson. But what does this finding mean for our...

Science park supermarket Van
The misty myths of Science Park

“One day I was exploring the wildlife at Science Park. Just as I was slowly approaching this cute little frog, something made me jump back in agony: at the side of its body, there was a fifth leg!” Around Science Park there is a lot of...

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