People enjoying a noght of star gazing. Source: wikipedia, Halfblue.
Quick guide to stargazing

Imagine going for a romantic walk with the object of your affection. Wouldn’t it be even more romantic (and impressive) if you could point to the sky and name some constellations? We made a quick guide to stargazing for you, to impress everyone you meet...

Million-dollar math problems

In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute noted seven fundamental math problems that were still unsolved at that time (the Millenium Problems). If a proof for one of these problems could be given, the researcher would be awarded a million (US) dollars. Easy money right?! A bit...

Assembling the plant-shaped coral garden statue above water
Saving the beautiful coral reefs of Koh Tao

Coral reefs are under threat worldwide, and protecting and restoring coral reefs is of great importance. This is why CoralGardening was set up, an organisation I'm involved with. They want to protect and restore coral reefs, because a healthy coral reef contributes to biodiversity and...

Logic: Meme of scumbag brain about reasoning and how the mind deals with logical laws
Logic, reasoning and the autistic mind

Logic. For many an unexplored territory, for some a necessary evil, for few a great working field. Most people don’t know that logic is more than letters, arrows and scary little hats. Logic has many facets and thereby connects a lot of disciplines. I’ll take...

XENON1T: the water tank with the detector in the middle and 3 floors with the auxiliary systems.
XENON1T: the next generation dark matter detector

On the 11th of the 11th, while kids in the Netherlands were swarming the streets with their lanterns, singing songs for candy (the Dutch Halloween), somewhere deep down in a mountain in Italy another party was taking place. The occasion was the inauguration of XENON1T,...

Video games and the elderly

You may think of this as a very weird combination: video games and elderly. But actually, it’s exactly what society needs. You may have heard of a growing problem among the elderly here in the Netherlands: they are lonely, don’t have much to do, and...

The radio astronomy observatory in Westerbork (WSRT)
Astronomy in the rain

It’s a beautiful summer night, the sky is clear and gazing at the firmament, you see billons of stars. Astronomers study these miracles of nature using telescopes, but what do they do when clouds hide the miraculous lights in the sky? If only there was...

The transplantation of (gummybear)-heads. Source: Fungus Amungus/Instructables
Which head would you like? On the transplantation of heads

Most of you will have read or heard of Shelley's Frankenstein. While the concept of Frankenstein makes for an excellent Halloween story, it can also make for some interesting insights in the dangers of science. A mad scientist interested in evolution and the human body...

A traditional silkworm pupae dish from the asian cuisine.
A Buggy Diet

Do you ever eat insects? The majority (80 %) of the world population does. In western society eating insects is very uncommon, but we do depend on these little creatures a lot. They pollinate a third of our crops for free, and at the same...

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