Live Music!
Experience music for free in Amsterdam

Feeling jazzy on a Tuesday evening? Or classy on a Wednesday afternoon? But you’re flat broke? No worries, Amsterdam has several regular live music sessions on offer for free! Going out to enjoy music doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to go. Live...

Job board - source: Andrew Leyden on Flickr
The UvA Job board and some golden job application tips

The days when academically schooled students were recruited straight out of their lecture halls are mostly over. Nowadays most of us have to actually put in an effort to find a nice and fun job that isn't an unpaid internship at some cool but financially...

Have you seen the colours of Van Santen?
Colours of the Golden Age

Are you looking for things to do during your Christmas break? Go visit UvA’s Special Collections in the city centre. I recently visited the exhibition of master colourist Dirk Jansz. van Santen (1637–1708) and I’ll give you a little sneak peek of his work! Today a...

Google for students: a list of my favourite services

Do you remember the days before the Google era? Probably not, most students have never even used an offline encyclopedia to research essay's and papers. But Google offers us students so much more! In this post, I'll take you on a virtual journey through some of Google's...

Welcome to American bureaucracy: getting a visa

Do you want to get the most out of your studies, discover a new culture and make memories? Go on an internship abroad! That is exactly what I´m about to do: I’ll be leaving for California in less than a month. Do you also want...

How to arrange an internship abroad

Many of the Faculty of Science Master’s programmes include a mandatory internship or research project in a laboratory, institute or company. To get the most out of the final year of your studies, you can choose to do this internship abroad. That is exactly what...

homeless student
Student adventures: the hunt for housing

Searching for student accommodation is nothing different from trying to get a ticket for a Muse concert. Almost impossible. Thousands of people want one, but only hundreds of tickets are for sale. So you have to be quick! And smart. There simply isn’t enough In the Netherlands accommodation...

Lost direction in Amsterdam? - Emma Schook
8 tips for new students in Amsterdam

Are you a first year’s student at the Faculty of Science or an international student new to Amsterdam? Welcome! In this post I’ll give you 8 tips to ensure you’ll have a great time in Amsterdam! From housing to house parties, these tips cover it...

University of Glasgow - feels like you're studying at Hogwarts
Sunny Summer School programmes

Now that rain is pouring down again, I hope you had a great summer to look back on! I started my summer abroad, following lectures by interesting lecturers, becoming best friends with people from all over the world and working together on interdisciplinary projects: I...

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