FSR workspace on a regular day.
Special report II: infiltrating the Faculty Student Council

In the first special report about the Faculty Student Council I explained where democratic student representation in the Faculty Board started and how it’s organised. This time we are going to dig deeper into the lives of our representatives. What do they do? Are these...

Special report I: What’s a faculty student council?

Last year, I was just a blogger on What The Faculty, now I am a member of the Faculty Student Council and a blogger on What The Faculty. It makes me feel like a double agent. A double agent infiltrating a group to provide vulnerable information to...

The radio astronomy observatory in Westerbork (WSRT)
Astronomy in the rain

It’s a beautiful summer night, the sky is clear and gazing at the firmament, you see billons of stars. Astronomers study these miracles of nature using telescopes, but what do they do when clouds hide the miraculous lights in the sky? If only there was...

These are some Japanese buildings near the waterside, they reflect beautifully in the water
Can physics explain our love for symmetry in daily life?

We tend to find people with symmetrical faces attractive, and most asymmetrical features are quite disturbing. A proof of the latter is in the picture of me with my face half-shaved: [caption id="attachment_5461" align="alignnone" width="477"] Me, half shaved, not at my most attractive.[/caption] Scientists are breaking their...

Urban Breweries in Amsterdam – Where to go?

If you ask for a beer in an Amsterdam pub, you will receive the yellow transparent yellow liquid known as lager, but most pubs to have an extensive beer menu with all kinds of varieties like triple, double, blond, pale ale, IPA and so on....

Male mind.
How porn can be a serious bonerkiller

Porn, virtually accepted right? It’s become a main subject among guys speaking with a hint of harmless machismo. Talking about it, watching it, owning it. But is this one-click-away nudity as harmless as we think? How does your mind handle pornography? The effect of sex on...

Salsa dancin'
How to own the world as a broke traveller

Have you felt the disappointment of your eager travel spirit when checking your bank account?  I’ve been there, my friend. But I’ve also experienced that you barely need money to wander the world. So let me share some practical tips on budget travelling! Check your attitude Having...

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