Behind the scenes: Faculty of Science

Everyday we’re working at the Faculty of Science. Drinking coffee from one of the coffee machines, reading the To-dah-Loo on the toilet, opening our books in the study area. Life is good here. The floors are neat and clean, the toilet seat has its original...

homeless student
Student adventures: the hunt for housing

Searching for student accommodation is nothing different from trying to get a ticket for a Muse concert. Almost impossible. Thousands of people want one, but only hundreds of tickets are for sale. So you have to be quick! And smart. There simply isn’t enough In the Netherlands accommodation...

Lost direction in Amsterdam? - Emma Schook
8 tips for new students in Amsterdam

Are you a first year’s student at the Faculty of Science or an international student new to Amsterdam? Welcome! In this post I’ll give you 8 tips to ensure you’ll have a great time in Amsterdam! From housing to house parties, these tips cover it...

Party guide for science freaks

Attending lectures, preparing assessments and studying for exams is an exhausting lifestyle for most of us! Solving equations can lead to severe headaches and leisure is the only method to resolve them. Exercising, discussing the latest developments in fashion and watching television are broadly applied...

Urban Breweries in Amsterdam – Where to go?

If you ask for a beer in an Amsterdam pub, you will receive the yellow transparent yellow liquid known as lager, but most pubs to have an extensive beer menu with all kinds of varieties like triple, double, blond, pale ale, IPA and so on....

De Ceuvel, a new sustainable village, where plants clean the soil
An Army of Plants @ Café Ceuvel

Once a shipyard turned into a polluted piece of wasteland in Amsterdam-Noord, “De Ceuvel” was deemed unfit for any use in the past 80 years. But now you can enjoy in a wonderful café, restaurant, bed & breakfast and several ateliers!  And even better: this...

This is how you see the lab through the window in Micropia
Micropia: making the invisible visible

The science of the invisible This year the first microbiology museum in the world has opened its doors here in Amsterdam. Micropia is part the famous Artis zoo and is situated right next it. It was about time a museum was dedicated to the largest part...

Amsterdam Science Park: from pasture field to science hub

Amsterdam Science Park: from pasture field to science hubIsn’t it nice to wander around the Science Park? Especially in typical Dutch storms and monsoon-like rain showers! (well, for me at least)  But do you have any idea how different this area started out?  Let...

TED came to Amsterdam!

Free inspirational lectures, everyone should be excited about that! Even more so when those talks are being presented and recorded in Amsterdam, with local scientists and celebrities talking about their passions and discoveries. Since a couple of years, many of these recordings took place, all...

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