Jeroen Goedkoop at the Brainwave.
Students debating their faculty’s management

On Tuesday, 14 April I went to the monthly student debate, also known as the student colloquium, at the faculty’s bar the Brainwave. It started out with a presentation in English (also understandible for international students) given by Jeroen Goedkoop, College of Science’s Director of...

TED came to Amsterdam!

Free inspirational lectures, everyone should be excited about that! Even more so when those talks are being presented and recorded in Amsterdam, with local scientists and celebrities talking about their passions and discoveries. Since a couple of years, many of these recordings took place, all...

Mathematician John Forbes Nash knew how to get the right girl.
New edition of BètaBreak: the weather

Nowadays we have access to a lot of information, including lots of different weather forecasts. But still it happens that you are standing in the rain, wearing your summer dress, because in the morning they predicted a sunny day. In the new BetaBreak, at 18...

Does smoking marijuana kill bees? – spurious correlations in statistics

Hooray, it’s World Statistics Day! Statistics is one of your favourite subjects, right..? Nah, just kidding. Statistics are boring, nevertheless very important. And often very misleading! Spurious correlations: correlation does not equal causation When 2 variables show a correlation without there being any causal connection, we call...

Cafe de Ceuel on a sunny afternoon
Make space for the energy revolution!

A new revolution is due. After the industrial and the digital revolution, experts now predict an energy revolution: A shift towards sustainable energy that changes our lives. In anticipation of this revolution, our city of Amsterdam is hosting ‘De Week van de Energie’ (‘The Energy Week’). One...

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