Million-dollar math problems

In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute noted seven fundamental math problems that were still unsolved at that time (the Millenium Problems). If a proof for one of these problems could be given, the researcher would be awarded a million (US) dollars.Easy money right?! A bit...

Bachelor’s thesis: your first real research

After 2.5 years of hard work you finally get a chance to find out what it’s like to be a real scientist! All the hours of lectures, field work, lab work and studying have prepared you for your own little research. Pick the right Bachelor’s...

Mathematician John Forbes Nash knew how to get the right girl.
New edition of BètaBreak: the weather

Nowadays we have access to a lot of information, including lots of different weather forecasts. But still it happens that you are standing in the rain, wearing your summer dress, because in the morning they predicted a sunny day. In the new BetaBreak, at 18...

electrode stimulation sleeve
Has the cure for paralysis been found?

For the first time ever a man was able to move his paralyzed hand with his own mind. No robotic arms were needed: Neurobridge, a bypass that enables the brain to communicate with muscles, helped him move his hand and fingers.Moving your hand for the...

Users can feel the population density by hovering their hand over a map
UltraHaptics: The future of Electronics

Do you ever miss the feeling of pressing real buttons on your old Nokia phone? When touchscreens started conquering the mobile world a decade ago, we lost this particular sensation. But recently, the solution was found. A great alternative based on the new technology called...

Your future cravings in a basket
Train your brain to choose fruits over fries

Do you have difficulty picking healthy fruits and vegetables over cookies, chips and chocolate? Well, you’re obviously not alone! But now a study shows that you might be able to ‘train’ your brain to pick healthy food over junk food. Sounds good, right? Pilot study: making...

Does smoking marijuana kill bees? – spurious correlations in statistics

Hooray, it’s World Statistics Day! Statistics is one of your favourite subjects, right..? Nah, just kidding. Statistics are boring, nevertheless very important. And often very misleading!Spurious correlations: correlation does not equal causation When 2 variables show a correlation without there being any causal connection, we call...

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