Lost direction in Amsterdam? - Emma Schook
8 tips for new students in Amsterdam

Are you a first year’s student at the Faculty of Science or an international student new to Amsterdam? Welcome! In this post I’ll give you 8 tips to ensure you’ll have a great time in Amsterdam! From housing to house parties, these tips cover it...

Science park supermarket Van
The misty myths of Science Park

“One day I was exploring the wildlife at Science Park. Just as I was slowly approaching this cute little frog, something made me jump back in agony: at the side of its body, there was a fifth leg!” Around Science Park there is a lot of...

Amsterdam Science Park: from pasture field to science hub

Amsterdam Science Park: from pasture field to science hub Isn’t it nice to wander around the Science Park? Especially in typical Dutch storms and monsoon-like rain showers! (well, for me at least)  But do you have any idea how different this area started out?  Let...

Bouldering in the wild
Between a rock and a hard place – Bouldering

Does this look exciting to you? It’s the major up and coming sport, bouldering. Climbing to a maximum height of 4 meters on rocks and boulders, with no ropes just crash pads underneath! Good news, it’s easy to learn right here at Amsterdam Science Park...

Anna's tuin/garden, Tesla minor for master students
Anna’s Tuin – a sustainable garden next to the faculty

Are you a fan of sustainable food? Then you’ll love the new student’s initiative that is being launched right next to the faculty: ‘Anna’s Tuin’ (‘Anna’s Garden’). A formerly empty piece of land will be set up to promote ecological research and education and to...

At the start of this year the new lecture hall was finished
Growth in the sciences: expanding the faculty campus

Great news: science is in! In the last couple of years, more and more Dutch high school kids are choosing science studies. Our faculty even built an extra lecture hall over the summer to accommodate all those new freshmen. So why are we being flooded...

A cultivated carrot (A) and a present-day wild carrot (B).
Botanical history around the faculty: the (wild) carrot

Did you know that  when you’re walking around Science Park during a study break you  are surrounded by a botanical treasure chest? One of the hidden gems on the side of the pavement  is the wild carrot: a small root with a big history… History of...

Our research neighbours: a great benefit for UvA science students
Exploring the Science Park campus

Wouldn’t you love being surrounded by prominent science research? To be part of that research with your own study projects and internships, to take classes from renowned real-world scientists, and to just revel in the feeling of full-on scienceness? Amsterdam Science Park (ASP) is here...

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