Lost direction in Amsterdam? - Emma Schook
8 tips for new students in Amsterdam

Are you a first year’s student at the Faculty of Science or an international student new to Amsterdam? Welcome! In this post I’ll give you 8 tips to ensure you’ll have a great time in Amsterdam! From housing to house parties, these tips cover it...

Dutch Women in bobsleigh riding through a curve during the final of the 2010 Olympic winter games in Vancouver
The physics of sports: Does a heavier bobsleigh make you go faster?

Now that athletes are reaching their physical peak, sports are turning to science to gain an advantage. Smoother swimsuits, lighter running shoes, more aerodynamic bicycles… there is even a maximum weight for bobsleighs!  Let’s see what physics has to say about this, shall we? The forces...

Bouldering in the wild
Between a rock and a hard place – Bouldering

Does this look exciting to you? It’s the major up and coming sport, bouldering. Climbing to a maximum height of 4 meters on rocks and boulders, with no ropes just crash pads underneath! Good news, it’s easy to learn right here at Amsterdam Science Park...

A few books from the first year of the Bachelor in Physics and Astronomy at the UvA. The right shoe is is a shoe especially made for the steeplechase: a steeplespike. The top shoe is a training shoe and a gold medal from the national championships.
What you can learn from athletes to improve your academic results

Getting through university is a lot like participating in a sports competition. Both take training, talent, stamina and determination. I should know – I’m the national 3000m steeplechase champion (2014) as well as a physics student. And I am sure students can learn a thing or two...

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