Live Music!
Experience music for free in Amsterdam

Feeling jazzy on a Tuesday evening? Or classy on a Wednesday afternoon? But you’re flat broke? No worries, Amsterdam has several regular live music sessions on offer for free! Going out to enjoy music doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to go. Live...

Mathematician John Forbes Nash knew how to get the right girl.
How to use mathematics for love

If you walk into our Faculty of Science as an outsider (a non-geek) you might think that everyone in the library is all about studying and that their heads are only full of formulas and numbers. But we geeks know better. Just like other young...

Bouldering in the wild
Between a rock and a hard place – Bouldering

Does this look exciting to you? It’s the major up and coming sport, bouldering. Climbing to a maximum height of 4 meters on rocks and boulders, with no ropes just crash pads underneath! Good news, it’s easy to learn right here at Amsterdam Science Park...

Does your brain look like this right now? Read on tackle your winter blues and feel better!
Happy Blue Monday! – the science behind the sadness

I’m sorry to tell you, but today is the most depressing day of the year. It’s called Blue Monday – the Monday of January’s last full week. So why is this? Why do you feel like shit today? And how can you feel better?The pseudoscientific...

How to pour a scientifically perfect draft beer

[caption id="attachment_3767" align="alignleft" width="232"] A perfectly poured beer from the draft. - Mainah Folkers[/caption]Beer is the ultimate student drink. It’s cheap, fresh, and it makes you forget your academic obligations for a while. A great companion on your student associations’ weekly pub night. And a...

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