01 Jun 11 tips to survive your fieldtrips!

For everyone who has not been on a fieldtrip yet, I can tell you, it is an awesome experience. It is great on the scientific part as well as on the bonding experience you will feel towards your friends. During the day, you will need to depend on them within your little research project, but during the glorious evenings, you only have to worry about having a great time together!

But first, you need to know how to survive a fieldtrip. I have 11 top-notch tips for you, so let’s start right away!

Tip 1: If you’ve got hay fever, bring a lot of tissues!
Tip 1 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 2: Stuff the car to the most extreme levels! – You cannot afford to forget anything!
Tip 2 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 3: Wear the highest boots you can find (or just don’t get stuck in a bog!)
Tip 3 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 4: Work together to determine those grasses!
Tip 4 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 5: Sometimes, just enjoy the scenery
Tip 5 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 6: Make sure you are in good shape, because it is going to get tough!
Tip 6 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 7: Pay attention during lessons!
Tip 7 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 8: Take naps whenever and wherever you can!
Tip 8 by Lieve Oudejans

Tip 9: Have lots of fun with some crazy biologists
Tip 9 by Lieve Oudejans

Tip 10: Watch out for deadly predators
Tip 10 by Joliene Wennink

Tip 11: Make sure you do not get left behind and enjoy!
Tip 11 by Joliene Wennink

I am sure you are looking forward to your first fieldtrip! Do you have additional tips, or just some cool pictures you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments so we can share the fun!

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