04 Aug Celebrate your summer holiday in Amsterdam!

How are you going to spend your free summer time in Amsterdam?Spend the free days of your summer holiday in Amsterdam! Image: originals from, edited by Melanie Korpelshoek

No plans to go abroad this summer? Don’t worry, you can have lots of fun in Amsterdam as well! Take a look at these options to spend your free time and enjoy the summer.

Picnic at the park
Amsterdam is known for its variety of beautiful parks. Bring drinks and some food to the park you like and have a picnic with your friends. With music, a good book to read or a ball to play with, you can easily enjoy yourself for days without spending a lot of money. As the Vondelpark can be very crowded in the summer, you should try one of the smaller parks if you like to have a bit more space. Close to Science Park you can find the Flevopark, Diemerpark and Park Frankendael, or you can take a look at the green places in your own neighbourhood. When the weather is good, this will be just as fun as camping abroad (or even better)!

Sunbathing on the beach
You don’t have to go far if you want to go to the beach: Amsterdam has its own! You can go to Strand Zuid or Strand West, but if you want to swim as well you need to go to IJburg. Even windsurfing on the water is possible here. For drinks and meals you can visit restaurant Blijburg. This place is currently under construction, so the set-up is temporarily smaller until the new restaurant is finished. Keep an eye on the agenda of Blijburg if you don’t want to miss upcoming events and live music at the beach.

Zweefmolen Parade

‘Zweefmolen’ (giant’s stride) at the Parade. Image: Maurice,

Parade Amsterdam
From 7 until 23 August, the annual Parade will be back in Amsterdam. This festival brings a lot of theatre, music and delicacies to the city. Separate tickets are available for each single show on the Parade, so you decide what you want to see. Floating around in the famous giant’s stride is a popular attraction and will complete your visit to this festival.

Open-air forest theatre
The ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ (Amsterdam Forest) is not only a good place for hiking, you can also enjoy (Dutch) theatre performances. On summer evenings, the middle of the forest is turned into a wonderful setting for a performance that will give you a unique experience. Visitors traditionally have a picnic in the forest before the show. You can also dine at restaurant Sjalot, they will make sure that you have your meal on time so you won’t have to hurry for the show.

Ride a canal bike
As the Dutch people love to cycle wherever they can, it is possible to rent a pedal boat to view the city from the water. Instead of joining a regular boat trip, ride your own canal bike and experience the beauty of our famous canals. A perfect way to get that true summer feeling! What more could you ask for?

Did you get some inspiration on how to spend all those free days that you have? Tell me what places or events in Amsterdam you will visit this summer!

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