11 Feb CREA Amsterdam: Yes, you can!

Fourth floor of the building of CREA AmsterdamImage: Jannes Linders, Fourth floor of the building of CREA Amsterdam

It is monday night and you are laying at your couch, watching some late night show. You realize you are bored but you do not feel like studying. On the other nights of the week you are already doing sports and seeing your friends. The only solution is watching the newest film which you have already downloaded with your computer. Your fantasy is going wild and you are thinking about making your own film. You are laughing about yourself but you secretly wish that you could do something with your creative and humoristic side. Well, I can tell you: Yes, you can!

Courses at CREA Amsterdam
CREA Amsterdam is the cultural student centre of the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and offers a lot of courses which you can attend for a nominal price if you are a full-time student. During these courses you can boost your creativity and use your humor at different levels. You can attend several courses in the following topics:

  • Photography
  • Film, Radio and Digital Media
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Theatre
  • Literature
  • Sculpture and Painting

The courses are starting two times a year: In October and February. So, you have still enough time to enroll in one of the courses for the first semester.

I can recommend two courses which I attended in the previous years: the photography course and the film course. During the photography course we learned about the theory of the camera and had two make several photo reportages. Besides this, we even went to a real studio in Amsterdam where we did some photo shoots!

So, even if you are not interested in creating photo’s, you can start your career as model within this course. And wouldn’t that be funny, a nobel price winner with a modeling career? This holds also for the film course, in which you do not only stand behind the scenes, but also right in front of the camera. However, to come back at the start of this blog, this is your chance to write your own scenario, direct your movie, edit your movie and see your movie at the end of the course in a cinema. A great experience if you ask me! So, where are you waiting for?

Other activities at CREA Amsterdam

Stairs which lead into the crea cafe

Image: Jannes Linders, Stairs which lead into the crea cafe


If you don’t feel like attending a course but you still want to be in a creative atmosphere, you can go for a drink in the CREA café, visit one of the many lectures in the theatre or music hall, or go laughing at the cabaret night. In addition, once a year the Amsterdam Student Festival is hold in CREA. During this festival you can see bands, dancers, singers, artists, cabaret, story tellers and many more.

CREA building

First three floors of the renovated Jewish diamond-polishing factory

Image: Jannes Linders, First three floors of the renovated jewish diamond-polishing factory


If that is still not enough to move you from you couch; even only for the architecture of the building you should go to CREA Amsterdam. The building was originally the oldest Jewish diamond-polishing factory of Amsterdam and is phenomenally renovated.

So, I hope to see you sometime in CREA Amsterdam! Do you already have a preference for one of the courses? Or do you recommend one of the courses? Let me know in the comments.


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