09 Apr Dutch daffiness: the top 10 of our weirdest habits

The crazy DutchThe crazy Dutch

A famous Dutch saying  is “Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”, which translates as: act normal, that already is crazy enough. Although it is heard and said frequently, this saying is the perfect example of our inability to self-reflect: we Dutchies are anything but normal. This blog lists the top 10 of the weirdest Dutch habits.


10. Birthday congratulations

If you ever attend a Dutch friend’s birthday party, don’t be surprised the friends congratulate you as well. It is our strange habit to congratulate every single person at the party. Why? We have absolutely no clue…

9. Snack walls

FEBO's snack wall

Snack wall


Are you craving for fast food, but does the queue length in the snack bar annoy you? Here’s the perfect solution: get yourself a famous fried Dutch treat from the wall. Don’t forget to keep some change? in your wallet!

8. Splitting the bill

In the Netherlands we expect you to pay your own share of the bill. Even if you are invited to dinner, everyone pays separately. We especially love to annoy the waitress and let her print individual bills.

7. Extended Holidays

We Dutchies won’t settle with only one holiday. Therefore we celebrate a second day of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost!

6. The birthday calendar

It is found in every Dutch household: the birthday calendar. And where do we find it? On the toilet, duh!

5. Birthday cake rules

DON’T ever expect the Dutch to bake you a cake on your birthday! You will be extremely disappointed. Instead, we do expect you to bring  a cake to school on your special day 😉

4. Three kisses

The most of us give three cheek kisses to greet and another three to say goodbye. The correct order to kiss is right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. However, good friends give one kiss. Or two… Actually, none of us understand the rules of Dutch kissing. Awkward!

3. Dutch directness

We say what we think and we never think before we say it. Subtlety is not one of our talents. Don’t be offended if the Dutch tell you you look awful today. It’s the truth, right? Freedom of speech and honesty are our greatest goods…

2. Sinterklaas

Santa Claus and Sinterklaas: they even look the same!

Santa Claus vs. Sinterklaas

On the 5th of December, right before Santa Claus arrives, his twin brother Sinterklaas provides every child with the most amazing presents.  This basically means that we celebrate the same holiday twice. Santa rides a sleigh pulled by reindeers, Sinterklaas rides a horse. Santa is helped by elves, Sinterklaas by Zwarte Piet. Have you also noticed the resemblance in the pronunciation of their names?

1. Discussing the weather

Get the conversation going by bringing up the most exciting topic of all… the weather! The Dutch go crazy about it. There is always something to complain or to be ecstatic about: we just can’t stop talking about it.


Weird are we, not? Have you encountered more strange Dutch habits? Or does your country have even weirder habits? Tell us in a comment below!


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