17 Mar Improve your academic skills during one of the university’s workshops!

Improve your academic skillsUvA workshops for effective studying. Image: CollegeDegrees360,

Are you’re interested in improving some of your personal skills? Then take a look at the events calendar of the UvA. The university offers a range of interesting workshops that are designed especially for students. They address a couple of difficulties that a lot of students are familiar with, and they can be helpful for you too.

Something for everyone
For example, these workshops can contribute to an increase in self-confidence and they can help you with decisions in your study or career. The workshops are scheduled throughout the whole academic year. A lot of them are free of charge! Most of the trainings will be held in Dutch, but a couple of them are intended for international students; these workshops will be held in English. To give you an indication of the subjects that are being addressed, I’ll describe some of the workshops that the UvA offers.

Job interview practice (Dutch & English)
This workshop is meant especially for students and recent graduates that are having an interview for a specific job or internship ahead of them. You will meet with a career coach to practice your interview. The career coach will give you feedback and tips that will help you to improve your performance. You need to register for participation in the job interview practice.

Social skills (Dutch)
Are you having trouble with speaking up in public, presentations, saying no or giving feedback? This workshop will be helpful for you. In 10 sessions of 2.5 hours you practice how to deal with these problems together with a group of other students. A student psychologist of the UvA will determine if this training is suitable for you.

Tackling the books (Dutch)
While studying you need to deal with a lot of information. In 3.5 hours this training will teach you how to process your study material efficiently. For participation you can register online.

Choosing a Master’s (Dutch)
Finding the right Master’s programme can be a tough job, but help is along the way! This workshop will help you to reflect your Bachelor’s programme, to clarify what subjects you’re interested in and what your qualities are. You can register online to participate in this workshop on one of the scheduled dates.

Career orientation (Dutch & English)
This workshop offers both a variant for Dutch students and for international students. It will help you to discover what your future goals are, what the labour market can offer you and what your possibilities are. For Dutch students there is a two-day training that costs 25 euros. For international students there is a short workshop of 2 hours that is free of charge. The international workshop is specifically focused on starting a career in the Netherlands as a foreigner. Registration online is needed for both the Dutch and international variant.

Stress reduction: mindfulness (English)
Perhaps you have heard about mindfulness and its increasing popularity. But what is it exactly and how can you use it to reduce stress? This is what you will learn during 8 group sessions with other (inter)national students. I participated in this workshop myself, and it helped me to experience a more positive way of thinking.

The mindfulness workshop provided multiple meditation techniques. These exercises can be used to become more aware of your present thoughts and feelings. The ambiance of the group sessions was very friendly, and we were free to share our experiences or to keep them to ourselves. Overall, this workshop is a nice way of learning how to reflect yourself and to get rid of negative feelings.

Have you already tried one of these workshops from the UvA? Let me know in the comments which workshop was helpful for you!

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