19 May Looking for a Bachelor? Find your match!

UvA Matching: find out if your Bachelor’s programme of choice is a match!Which Bachelor’s programme suits you best? UvA Matching can help you find out! Image: Melanie Korpelshoek

Last year, the UvA introduced a new application procedure for its Bachelor’s programmes: UvA Matching. It may sound like some sort of new, romantic dating game, and it actually does have some similarities. UvA Matching is mandatory for all future Bachelor students that are new at the University of Amsterdam, but what is it and what do you need to know before participating? Let’s find out.

Dating the UvA
The concept of UvA Matching has been introduced to help future students find a well suited Bachelor’s programme. You can read about the diversity of studies on the Internet and in brochures, or you can visit open days. But if you really want to know what you can expect from the specific programme you want to follow, it is very helpful to have a little trial period. Now UvA Matching is the procedure that functions as this trial period. Just like in dating, it is important to know what you choose for!

The Matching process
So what is UvA Matching exactly? The process consists of three components that take place in June, after you have officially registered for the Bachelor’s programme of your choice. Usually, you first go to lectures that are similar to the lectures you will get during the Bachelor’s programme. Subsequently, you do some studying on your own on the learning material that is in line with the lectures. At the end of the matching process, you will be tested on what you have learned. However, every study has its own, adjusted Matching programme that can be slightly different. Some have practicals, or assignments that you need to do before you visit the UvA. You can find your own matching programme on the Dutch web page of the Bachelor study you registered for.

Then what?
After the final test of the Matching programme, you receive advice from the UvA concerning your suitability for the Bachelor’s programme you chose. This advice is non-binding, so you can always continue with the enrollment in the degree programme. However, when the results indicate that this study might be too difficult for you, you can consider switching to another programme. Or when your experiences during the matching days didn’t meet your expectations, you can decide to orientate at other Bachelor’s programmes. There are coaches and workshops at the UvA that can help you with this.

UvA Matching for all Bachelor’s programmes?
There are a couple of study programmes that don’t participate in UvA Matching. These studies are subject to numerus fixus or other selection procedures. Furthermore, the Matching activities are only held in Dutch. If you are an international student, you are not required (but welcome) to participate and you can turn to the student counselor for advice. For more detailed questions about UvA Matching you can consult the Dutch FAQ page.

Previous experiences
Students from last year’s matching programme mostly experienced that serious participation can give you a lot of insight. The Matching days are really meant to try out your future study programme so you can make the best choice. You are testing what the Bachelor’s programme can offer you; not the other way around!

Do you think UvA Matching can help you to make a good choice, or are you already certain which Bachelor’s programme you want to follow? Tell me all about your thoughts on UvA Matching in the comments. Let’s see if you can find your match made in heaven!

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