26 May In may lay all the birds their eggs

Can I lose my egg with you guys? I would love to talk about the art of laying eggs and providing for chicks. Especially the latter is of great importance this time of year.

My own chicks

It is quite easy to take care of a bunch of chicks. They only need food (chicken feed and GFT waste) and water. Then once a week you clean the henhouse and you are done. And in return you get free eggs! Look at the picture above, aren’t they cute? From left to right: Stick, Drum and Plof. Naming is important in these cases, to prevent identity crises. It is important for those little chicks that they have chicken feed specially made for chicks, otherwise they will choke. Also their water trough should be tiny because they can easily drown themselves. If you want to see how birds lay their eggs and care for the chicks themselves, visit the website of the Bird Protection Association (Vogelbescherming)!! Here you can watch livestreams trough webcams close by (and sometimes inside) a birds nest. If you do not like the internet, go to the snack car near the Faculty and check the new ducklings live!

Providing for chicks

Now that we all know the subject we can move on towards ‘how to provide for chicks’. Especially men have trouble with it so read closely. First, the rooster cannot be in the same enclosure as the chicks because he will try to kill them (in which case mum will try to kill dad, this is not the environment for a healthy childhood, you know). Secondly, chicks cannot digest great chunks of things, mainly food of course, so you have to buy chicken grain for them. Thirdly, give them lots and lots of attention because when you do not, chicks get crazy. Furthermore, they need straw, water (in small buckets or they can drown) and a protective mother (do not worry, chicken mums are like those protective mums from TLC).

Some fun facts

  • The egg is shaped the way it is to prevent the egg from rolling out of a nest
  • If a parent bird can find nutritious food it will fly farther from the nest to get it
  • It is beneficial for mother birds to cheat
  • The Kiwi evolved from a bird of similar size as the Moa (about the size of an ostrich), but while the body has shrunken, the egg did not cause occasional deaths in mothers who are trying to lay their egg
  • When there is no rooster in a flock of chickens, one of the hens will start acting like a rooster – she will even do the crowing (they mostly do not make a good job of it though)


Tell me your experience with chicks and share those pics!

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