10 Sep The misty myths of Science Park

Science park supermarket VanIs there a decaying body laying inside? Image: Simon Grannetia

“One day I was exploring the wildlife at Science Park. Just as I was slowly approaching this cute little frog, something made me jump back in agony: at the side of its body, there was a fifth leg!”

Around Science Park there is a lot of storytelling. Let’s see what the myths are and whether we can confirm or bust them for you.

Dead body in strange supermarket van

Everyone is wondering: What happened to the ‘Science Park supermarket’ van? It used to be open every day. But somewhere in 2014 it closed. Why did it close? Why isn’t it removed? Rumour has it the owner died inside the van and that his body is still laying inside. And because of this body the van can’t be removed. But why then isn’t the body getting removed, no one knows.

You are unable to look inside, so you can’t see anything. You can, however, try to smell something. You’ll smell nothing but kebab from the car next to it. It’s very unlikely that a decaying body is laying inside the van without giving out any smell. More likely it has something to do with licences. No one knows for sure, however.

Update: The van is now removed, together with the change of ever finding out what happened.

The freaky five legged frog

The frogs living in the swamps around science park are infected with the radiation from Nikhef and mutated in creepy five legged creatures because of it.

Confirmed, but….
In 2009 Folia wrote a article about a biologist who found a five legged frog. This biologist blamed radiation coming from Nikhef. This may be an explanation. But, concerning the safety regulations regarding radioactive matter and the (background)radiation levels around science park, this is seems impossible. But I haven’t checked for myself. Chances are that it was just an ordinary, natural mutation. But maybe you can find more mutated frogs around Science Park?

Are ‘they’ listening to us?

At Science Park 904 you can find microphones hanging above the canteen and computers in building C. With all the rumours about secret agencies’ espionage , you might sometimes wonder whether someone is watching you or not. Even in our faculty you’re not safe: somebody is trying to steal the smart ideas that arise during lunch!

Microphone hanging above the canteen in building C

Microphone hanging above the canteen in building C. Image: Simon Grannetia

Busted, probably.
There is a good explanation going around for the microphones. They’re intended to detect the amount of noise, so that the loudness of a (fire)alarm can be adjusted to the loudness of the surroundings. But that’s an excuse any spy would use to cover himself.

Spy at Nikhef

Once there was a guy from Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or one of the many other countries people working in Nikhef come from. He was just like your everyday scientist. But one day this guy just didn’t show up at work. It looked like he totally disappeared from the world. When his colleagues checked what he was doing the last weeks, they were shocked: He had almost all the information about radioactivity and research on that subject. If that information came in wrong hands, bad things could happen.

This story is going around for a while, but nobody could confirm or bust this myth. We can only hope that it stays a myth. Or our own knowledgde might one day be used against us..

Other myths are about a sixth floor and some strange, unused corners at science park 904. Maybe you can find this floor and corners. And if you have heard other myths or know more about the ones above, tell me in the comments below!

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