12 Jan Need a drink fast? – 9 great bars within 15 minutes from the faculty

Café Kuijper is a nice bar in Amsterdam East, close to the Faculty of Science.Image: Lotte van Woudenberg

Not everyone knows it, but the east part of Amsterdam – where the faculty’s located – has a wide variety of excellent bars. So you don’t need to go to the city centre to get a drink after class with your study group mates. Just stay in Amsterdam East! Here are 9 great places you can reach by bicycle within 15 minutes:

Café Kuijper (9 minutes)

Café Kuijper is a nice bar in Amsterdam East, close to the Faculty of Science.

Terrace of Café Kuijper


Image: Lotte van Woudenberg

The service at Kuijper is very good and the snack menu is even better. Tuesday night is pubquiz night, and on Wednesdays you can eat a student budget friendly ‘dish of the day’.

Caffe Milo (10 minutes)
Milo is a nice place to meet your friends. It has an extensive selection of drinks, a heated terrace and cosy atmosphere. And the best thing: Wednesday is cocktail night (all cocktails €5). Try the Long Island iced Tea!

De Biertuin (11 minutes)

Biertuin is a nice bar in Amsterdam East, close to the Faculty of Science.

De Biertuin


This is the best spot for beer-lovers! At the Biertuin you can – as the name implies – drink a wide variety of beers, with no less than 13 beers on tap.  It can be a bit crowded, but it’s always very ‘gezellig’ and has a (heated) terrace as well.

Café Spargo (11 minutes)
A very nice, no-nonsense local pub and eatery. All Ajax games are broadcasted live on a big screen. Spargo is also a very nice place for a date: have a drink after diner and look how your surroundings change from a restaurant into a café.  So, off to Spargo!

Bar Bukowski (12 minutes)

Bar Bukowski is a nice bar in Amsterdam East, close to the Faculty of Science.

Bar Bukowski

is of course named after Charles Bukowski. It honours the writer’s love of liquor with an extensive drink menu, including cocktails. Another pro: breakfast is served until 17:00, so it’s the perfect place for your hangover breakfast.

Café Maxwell (12 minutes)

Café Maxwell is a nice bar in Amsterdam East, close to the Faculty of Science.

Café Maxwell

has it all: a nice location, a big terrace, good food, soccer nights, live music on Sundays and a very popular pubquiz on Mondays.

Café Dorst (12 minutes)
Café Dorst has a big terrace with a great view on two Amsterdam icons: Brouwerij ‘t IJ and windmill De Gooyer. When Ajax plays, you can always watch the game at Dorst.

Café Restaurant Hesp (14 minutes)
Hesp is very nice on the inside but also has an amazing terrace on the Amstel river, where you can sit and drink while the boats go by: Amsterdam at its best! The clientele is a mix of students, businessmen and boaters.

Dé nachtkroeg (6 minutes)
The place to have your last drink of the night, when all other places are closed. The music at Dé Nachtkroeg is quite bad and you may wonder whether it’s a café or just someone’s living room with a bar in it. Whatever, those things don’t matter late at night.

So, when you’re done studying: grab your bike and check these places out. Let me know in the comments how it was, or if I’ve missed any eastern hot spots!

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