01 Sep Party guide for science freaks

Attending lectures, preparing assessments and studying for exams is an exhausting lifestyle for most of us! Solving equations can lead to severe headaches and leisure is the only method to resolve them. Exercising, discussing the latest developments in fashion and watching television are broadly applied brain recovery strategies.

However, a few of us are blessed with a brain which has an unfulfillable desire for knowledge. This is the party guide for people whose ecstasy is solving equations. Activities for only the true Faculty of Science-science geeks.

First advice: Journey to the city centre

Forget about Science Park! Sometimes the best option to save a relationship is to give your partner more freedom. There are several options in the city centre to attend lectures, discussions and watch documentaries.

  • CREA is the cultural centre for students. The CREA agenda offers a diverse list of potential adventures like documentaries, lectures and performances. The presence of the cosy CREA café is another argument to pay a visit to this former diamond factory that now houses CREA. Beware of non-science-students! Spreading your knowledge on algorithms is perhaps not the best method for fixing a date.
  • SIB (Students International of Relations) is a group of students who regularly organize public debates and lecture series on topics relating to (surprisingly) international relations. The programme is partly in Dutch, but who cares? Just tell a story about mathematics and blow their minds.
  • Spui 25 is the cultural-academic centre of the UvA. The goal of Spui 25 is to interact with the society. Researchers are invited to tell about their research and we love research. Wednesday is often Faculty-of-Science-day (FNWI Collegetour)! Sorry internationals, most of the lectures are in Dutch. By the way, the Spui area is a nightlife area for writers and philosophers (or people who are pretending to be writers or philosophers). Play chess accompanied by Belgian beer in café Gollem, eat the best fries of Amsterdam in the Heisteeg and cross the street to end the evening in a coffee shop. Luckily the tram stops at creeping distance.
  • Talk! Just start a discussion. In the red light district the topics football and girls are recommended, in the Pijp you can discuss being a hipster and near the Spui you can start a monologue on Sartre’s philosophy. Discussions guaranteed.
  • On rainy Monday mornings NEMO is a possible alternative to wasting your time on Facebook. Please read this warning carefully: Don’t even think about visiting NEMO in the weekend or on Wednesday afternoon. NEMO is a scientific museum which is mostly visited by children, but who cares? Doing little experiments with electricity and water is always great, most science freaks get excited like an electron when they conduct an experiment. Let’s go!

“After the Nerd started his monologue on Sartre the place went bananas”

Second advice: Science Park

The city centre is a dangerous place, the concrete jungle. Why cycle to Babylon if you are in Zion? Have you ever heard of the UvA EC record? Read this in google translate. Vincent de Haan (24)  is a student who gathered 739.5 EC so far and he is not done yet!  Let’s beat this record! But how?

  • Read every word in the study guide and search for your favourite subject. One of the methods is to search in the list of programmes for something that sounds interesting
  • After you have found a cool programme you can either follow the whole programme or some subjects. How to find the subjects? That depends on the programme. You can always find a list of subjects, just click on everything and especially words like ‘schema’ and ‘programme’
  • Check the requirements
  • Beat the record. Beware of burn-outs

Good luck with the enlightenment of your intellectual life! Which activity would you prefer? Discuss with us in the comment section.


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