20 Mar How to prevent your bike from getting stolen and what to do if it has

Bicycles in AmsterdamBicycles in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been declared the most bicycle-friendly capital in the world. Still, it is said that in Amsterdam on average you need a new bike every six months. Involuntarily, I have tested this hypothesis for you and I came to the conclusion that this is true: I’ve lived here for two years now and this week my fourth bike was stolen. This blog gives you tips on how to prevent your bike from getting stolen and on where to buy a new one.

It’s all in the chain locks

Believe it or not, about a month ago a homeless bike dealer stood in front of my door and gave me tips on how to lock my bike correctly. The do’s and don’ts of the knower must of course be shared:

  • DO NOT buy a cheap chain lock that is covered in plastic (type A) – against my will I have tested this too: my new bike lasted no longer than two weeks
  • DO NOT buy a U-lock (type B)
  • Only buy AXA chain locks (type C)
  • DO attach your frame to a fence or a tree – you will be left with only your wheel if you don’t
  • DO NOT park your bike near any kind of station (train, metro, tram, etc.) unless there is a guarded bike shed – most of them are free!
Type C is the AXA chain lock. Buy this one!

Different types of chain locks


Where to get a new two wheeler

If, after reading the previous wise advise, you still manage to have your bike stolen, try the following:

  • First call or email Het Fietsdepot – if your bike was placed in a non-parking area, the government of Amsterdam might have removed it and brought it here
  • Buy a bike from the student union ASVA
  • Buy a bike in a thrift shop
  • Or buy a bike at the Waterlooplein market – haggle!!!


Extra: for the safety freaks

Every Wednesday in different locations in Amsterdam, you can have your name engraved  in your bicycle frame. In this way you can really prove that your stolen bike once belonged to you. If you really want to take proper precautions, you can even have your bike chipped…

Future research is needed to prove whether or not these tips have an effect on the durability of the bicycles of the inhabitants of Amsterdam. If you have any more tips on how to secure your bike, please share them in the comment section!

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