08 Sep Science meets art: the amazing artworks of Amsterdam Science Park

Roots of Science Park. Image: Ashja van der Aa

Are you always hurrying to  get to class, or clung to your smart phone all day? Next time, give yourself a moment to look around: you might be missing out on the amazing artworks at Amsterdam Science Park!

For sitting down: ‘Wortels van Science Park’ (‘Roots of Science Park’)

Roots of Science Park by Barbara Recourt and Fons Broess

Roots of Science Park. Image: Ashja van der Aa

On the main squares and in the grass alongside the main paths of the university campus, several white tree trunks can be found. The trunks closest to the main building 904 are my personal favorite, because these allow the biggest group of people to get together. You are supposed to use the tree seats as a ‘social platform’ for scientific discussions  with your peers, professors, and  other Science Park residents. But you can, of course, also (ab)use the trunks as I do. Make these trunks your new hangout spot and chill, chat and tan!  (created by Barbara Recourt and Fons Broess)

For looking up: ‘Raw Paradise’

Raw Paradise by Nicky Zwaan

Raw Paradise. Image: Ashja van der Aa

Initially I didn’t care too much about the Kruislaantunnel, but after having read the creator’s purpose of this artwork the tunnel became a thousand times more interesting! The light installation along the roof of the 170 metre long Kruislaantunnel is supposed to be a metaphor for typical Dutch weather:  a dark grey, rainy sky  with sunbeams breaking through the clouds. It is said that the light relates to the paces of the pedestrians, cyclists and automobilists that make their way through the tunnel. Fascinated by this myth I can, unfortunately, not confirm it. Perhaps I was walking too slow… But if it were to be true, wouldn’t it distract the drivers? (created by Nicky Zwaan)

For looking down: ‘Steps of Science’

Steps of Science by Nienke Korthof

Steps of Science. Image: Ashja van der Aa

In these pavement tiles on the main paths  towards the faculty campus and at the Science Park bus stops,  you can see the  scientific research done here at Amsterdam Science Park. The screens are lenticular, which means you can see different images from different angles. Topics  range from microscopic images of an animal cell to the collision of 2 atomic nuclei. There are 48 tiles in total. Of course I went on a journey to find them all, but that turned out to be tougher than I thought… Especially when you, just like me, still perceive the area between the main building and the G-wing as a maze. I am halfway through my tile quest. Can you find them all? (created by Nienke Korthof)

For finding all of them

To track down all the Science Park artworks, you can download a free map or pick one up at café-restaurant ‘Polder’.

So what’s your favourite Science Park artwork? Or do you know any other cool scientific art (in or outside Amsterdam) that we should check out? Please share your ideas in the comments below!


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