16 Feb Stay positive, go Strawberry Earth Fair!!

This weekend is the Strawberry Earth Fair in Amsterdam. Their mission is to inspire you to make social, green and ridiculously nice choices! Why? Because they (and we) believe you can have a positive impact on the world with every choice you make. Big and small. All day and every day. At home and at school!


The start of the green world

Their mission is to create the transition to a fair and green economy with your help! Do you have a good idea or product, contact them! I am sure they will team up with you! If you do not have a great imagination you should definitely go to the fair this weekend and let Strawberry inspire you. And if you do not have the time, the excuse is not good enough because you can sign up for their weekly dose of inspiration by e-mail.

Some of their projects:

  • Encouraging filmmakers to produce in a sustainable way
  • Finding sustainable ways to make clothes which can be applied in the bigger industries
  • Bikes made of bamboo
  • Shining of anonymous animals on their website because they also deserve attention


The start of your green revolution

If you have your inspiration, from within yourself or from the fair this weekend, you can start creating your own positive and green environment. You can think of anything that leaves a positive fibe like painting your home a vibrant colour or leaving small post-its on bikes with loving and encouraging messages.

As an example, I started my own small vegetable garden in Diemen, Rode Kruislaan. I now grow my own food like garlic, carrots and strawberries. Aside from growing green stuff, I also try to state a positive thing in every grim looking situation. Like when your train is running late you can either get mad or enjoy the view from your station a little bit longer and discover things that you have not seen before.


my own garden by Joliene Wennink

Are you hippie enough to start the green vibe!?


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