06 Oct Student adventures: the hunt for cheap food

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Food, one of the best things in life, but at the same time a struggle for students. Too bad that eating is necessary to survive, otherwise we would have a lot more money to spend. So how can you keep the costs low, while still eating healthily?

The lazy way: going out for dinner

As you know, there are several eating facilities around Science Park. We have the Science Park restaurant, Polder, Oerknal and Maslow. Being a student also gives you a discount at other eating facilities, such as the student restaurant Skek.

The only times I go out for diner, I use a coupon from Social Deal or Amigo Amigo. This way, dining out stays cheap and doable with your average student bank account.

Hunting at the store

Buying your own dinner is definitely a cheaper alternative. Most of you might remember some of the things your mother used to cook. For those who have no clue what to make every day, there is a  student cookbook available online: Chef D’s College Student Cook Book, with cheap, healthy, easy, fast and delicious recipes.

What if there was a website that gave you recipes according to the things you already have at home? Sounds like an excellent idea! Thankfully, this isn’t too good to be true. Check out:

You might need to buy one or two things extra, but the websites will give you recipes with ingredients you already have.

Be creative!

Try to make your own things as much as possible instead of buying ready made meals or going out for dinner. You can easily make your own salad or pasta sauce with mayonnaise, pesto and olive oil. Or make your own salsa dip with diced tomatoes, ketchup and spices.

If you go shopping in the evening, you will find lots of reduced items. You can freeze a lot of the items you buy, like meat and vegetables. That way you won’t have to worry about the expiration date. Just don’t forget to unfreeze them on time like I always do…

Albert Heijn is the supermarket closest to Science Park (apart from the Spar). The AH is definitely not the cheapest one though. The Aldi and the Lidl (also close to Science Park!) might be better alternatives and there are several stores located all over Amsterdam! Let me know through a comment if you have any other tips on eating cheaply, or if you know a cheap restaurant in the area!


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