21 Jul This summer is BBQ summer!

Enjoy the food!=D Photo: Lieve Oudejans

The weather is great, friends are abundant and meat is good so why not go for a BBQ this weekend? Close by the faculty are some parks where BBQ-ing is allowed: Flevopark and Oosterpark (and of course Vondelpark but that’s a bit longer bike ride). Below you find some nice recipes and ideas for the perfect summer BBQ with your friends!

Some recipes

  • For starter: Eat some crisps and bread while you wait for the BBQ to warm up. But be aware that you do not eat too much!
  • The main course: Meat! Meat! More meat!! It is a BBQ after all. Most of the time thin slices work best because they are easier to grill. Be a little cautious with chicken because if that is just a little bit raw you can get really sick. But there’s also a lot for the vegetarians to grill: Chickpea burgers, vegetable slices, roast bread with pesto, corn, potato, mushrooms, etc!
  • Sauces: BBQ sauce, garlic sauce, Aioli, mustard, whiskey cocktail sauce, sweet chili, mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese sauce, Tzatziki, etc!
  • For dessert: Wrap a peeled and core-free apple with cinnamon and raisins in tinfoil and put in on the BBQ, after a while you got something like an apple pie without the pie! Or bake some brownies and put ice cream on top! Yummie!
  • Some specialties no one thinks about: Put some fish, pesto and lemon in a piece of wrapping foil and put on the BBQ. Or fill some mushrooms with cheese (goat or creamy, it does not matter!) and grill it.

What to do when you forgot your BBQ?

  • Join some others who weren’t as stupid as you.
  • Or be creative and make your own! Pile some stones in a circle and make a fire between the stones. Then turn a (old style) shopping trolley on the side and use the small metal bars cart for grill.
  • Buy liquid smoke and grill on your stove. Now you’re not really BBQ-ing but your meat will taste like it, which is almost the same thing.
  • One last thing, you can forget your BBQ, you cannot forget the beer.

Do you have some great tips to improve these lists? Let me know in the comments!

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