17 Mar Wear a dress if you want to impress!

Dieuwertje with a paper in her hand with the text: „Where is the love?”
Photographer: Bram van Dijk, Dieuwertje with a paper in her hand with the text: „Where is the love?”

Once you’ve read the blog about „How to behave in the Netherlands”, you are ready to go out on a date with a Dutch guy or girl. But where do you meet new people? What should you wear? Where should you go to on your actual date? And finally, what are the differences between dating the Dutch or foreigners? This blog will help you to find an answer to these questions.

Where to find your dating partner?
There are several places near our faculty where you can spot some hot Dutch guys and girls. Start your looking-for-love-adventure very close; How about that geeky classmate? If you’re not that into science nerds, maybe you can find your dating partner in the bars surrounding our faculty.

  • Roest: This bar is a very good starting place to find your potential lover. The mix of locals and foreigners results in a relaxed atmosphere in which everybody talks to each other, making this bar a good starting point to find you potential lover.
  • Studio K: This bar/cinema/club and stage is founded by some very enterprising students. Therefore it also attracts a lot of students who are always in for a chat.

If you haven’t spotted your potential lover after you have visited these bars, or you lack the time to go in between your research projects, it is not rare to look for a date online nowadays. One of the most famous applications in the Netherlands used for dating (and other purposes of course) is “Tinder”. You can easily install this application on your mobile phone and you can start checking out some hot girls or guys near you.

International differences in dating people
Now you have visited these bars and used this dating application, as a foreigner you probably have noticed that there are some differences between the Dutch people and people from other cities in the world.

  • Your height: if you are a man and not from the Netherlands you are probably around 67 inch (170 cm) tall. This could be a problem if you want to date a Dutch girl. With their mean body height of 67 inch (170 cm) and their opinion that their prince charming should definitely be taller, you are screwed. Your only option now is to blow them away with your charming character. Luckily for you, most Dutch girls think your character is much more important than your looks.
  • Straight-forwardness: if you have talked with some Dutch girls or guys in the bars mentioned above, you might have found that the Dutch people are very straight-forward and to-the-point. Don’t be frightened by their rudeness, they just want to be honest with you. This can be in your benefit: no sense in wasting your energy in someone who is just not that into you (Believe me, you will know when this is the case).

What to wear to your date?
Once you have tackled these problems and found a date, the difficult part starts: What to wear when you have a date with a Dutchie? For both guys and girls you can keep it simple. The Dutch motto “If you just behave normally, you are already weird enough” (“Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”) is there for a reason.

  • Girls: you can just wear a skinny jeans with a classy blouse or a simple dress if you want to impress.
  • Boys: you are expected to just wear jeans with a nice (clean) shirt.


Closet with clothing everywhere on the ground

Photographer: Dieuwertje van Dijk, Closet with clothing everywhere on the ground











Where to bring your date?
When you have found the right clothes you can start thinking about where to take your date.

  • Your place: If you take it very seriously, you can invite your date to your place, and melt for each other during a cheese fondue by candle light (comment: run errands at the grocery shop before your date arrives; the shop with the fluorescent tube light is not the best place to start your date).
  • Bar: Is dining at your place to intimate? Start with a drink somewhere local. Bar Roest and Studio K are not only suitable to find your date, but are also perfect places for an actual date. When the end of the date is near, this is the moment to apply your knowledge on „How to behave in the Netherlands”. Now you know that Dutch guys and girl are very stingy, you should definitely keep your wallet ready during the date to split the bill.

Go for it!

So, if the Dutch did not scare you and you are still in for a date with someone, what are you waiting for? Go for it! And do not forget to post your dating stories or questions about dating beneath this blogpost!

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