10 Feb Which faculty toilet is the best option to get inspired?

Pink outdoor toilet for women and men in the woodsPink outdoor toilet for women and men in the woods

You’re working hard to finish your paper before its deadline. But then it happens: writer’s block! In the middle of your discussion section, the part where you need to be creative. Time to take a nice long toilet break, to get some inspiration. But which faculty toilet should you use?

The impact of colour
There are several toilet options within the faculty, each with their own distinct colour scheme. Given the fact that colour has a huge impact on your perception and your behaviour, due to associations with past experiences, choosing the right faculty toilet to regain your inspiration can be crucial.

The red toilets: danger and compliance
You can choose the red toilets next to the canteen (maybe have some coffee and an ’appelflap’ along the way). However, in your daily life you have probably encountered some negative situations in which the colour red was involved:

  • Red ink reviews of your previous study papers
  • Red underlined words on your computer screen, that let you know that your spelling or grammar was wrong
  • Red stop signs and warnings that inform you about dangerous situations.

So the colour red is linked to a high level of danger, as well as compliance. Probably not a good choice if you want a moment of peace and inspiration.
Dieuwertje on the red toilet: bad associations with danger and compliance

The green toilets: safety or disgust?
Another option are the green toilets next to the faculty library. The colour green is associated with safe or otherwise positive situations:

  • Green safety signs, like green traffic lights
  • Green emergency exits
  • Green forests and other nature

However, the question here is if these toilets are really green, or green-yellow (which is more the case if you ask me). Studies reveal that we associate the colour green-yellow with vomit and feelings of sickness and disgust. So what do you think? Are these toilets green or green-yellow? Let’s not take the risk, and move on.

The front door of the green/good toilet, or is it a yellow-green/bad toilet?

The blue toilets: creativity
The last but not least option are the toilets in building G. It’s a bit of a walk to get there, but this trip holds several inspirational benefits:

  • You see interesting science objects displayed in showcases
  • You can think about your study paper while enjoying the view from the two walking bridges (Note: do not forget to bring your coat because it is a little bit chilly over there)
  • You get some exercise, which has a positive effect on cognition.

And when you finally arrive at the blue toilets, the colour blue will boost your creativity and imagination, which is great for the discussion section of your paper. Writer’s block solved!

Dieuwertje on the blue toilet, having a magnificant idea
So I think the blue toilets in building G are the best toilet option in the faculty, at least for gaining some fresh writing inspiration. But what do you think? Which one is your favourite toilet?

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