16 Apr How to own the world as a broke traveller

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Have you felt the disappointment of your eager travel spirit when checking your bank account?  I’ve been there, my friend. But I’ve also experienced that you barely need money to wander the world. So let me share some practical tips on budget travelling!

Check your attitude
Having the right attitude is fundamental to all travelling, but especially when you’re travelling on a shoestring. Try to be open to strange languages, questionable foods, courteous locals and unpredictable roads. Hike up that breast-shaped mountain for the very contour of it. Make your trip all about your longing for these new experiences.

Choose a cheap destination
Consider buying an expensive plane ticket to a country with cheap living expenses. Most parts of Asia, Africa, Central- and South-America are perfect on a budget. Hostels on average cost €3 a night, transport in a chicken bus €0,20, and a beer €0,50. You might even have cash left for activities like language-school, bungee jumping or whale shark diving!

Go for alternative means of transportation or accommodation
There are many cheap ways of getting around:

  • Organised road trips where the driver searches for passengers to chip in on gas
  • Hitchhiking
  • Couchsurfin (you can find me in there somewhere as well)
  • Volunteering in exchange for room and boarding, for example helping out at a monkey sanctuary, protecting baby turtles, teaching English at a primary school or joining in behind the bar or reception of a hostel.
  • Go camping. Although wild camping isn’t allowed in most countries, farmers will often let you stay on their grounds.
  • Join a tanker or freight ship in exchange for volunteering on board.

As you can see, travelling on a tight budget is definitely do-able. And it gets easier the more you do it. So go out there, out of your comfort zone, opening up to strange experiences and people unknown, over roads remote, to see and feel, what you can neither express yet cannot all conceal.

Let me know how it was!

Sweet Travels!


Good travel reads: On the Road by Jack Kerouack, Into The Wild (Movie) and Pathless Woods by Lord Byron (poem)

Salsa dancin'

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